Welcome to Valerius Tandartsen in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid

At Valerius Dentists in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid, we offer various dental services, such as implantology, all under one roof. We distinguish ourselves through the many years of experience of our dentists and the personal attention we provide to our patients.

"The trusted dental practice in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid”

We take the time for you and we work for the long-term preservation of your teeth and molars. With a professional team, we collaborate closely on a daily basis in our cozy practice. Through extensive professional discussions, good cooperation with dental hygienists and prevention assistants, and a transparent approach, we contribute to maximum quality and high-quality care.

New Patient
Are you looking for a dentist in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid? We have availability for new patients. You can sign up using the registration form, by phone, or in person at the practice. We look forward to welcoming you!



Dedicated Practitioner

In dental care, providers and patients often have long-term care relationships. That's why we assign you a dedicated dentist, as we understand it's comforting for you. In addition to your dentist, we have a team of experienced practitioners, all experts in their respective fields.


Experienced & Quality-driven

When providing the best oral care for our patients, quality is paramount. To ensure quality in our practices, we work with experienced dentists and specialists, innovative equipment, and follow the guidelines of the KNMT (Royal Dutch Dental Association).


Attention to the individual

We consider it crucial that our patients feel as comfortable as possible in our practice. That's why we pay attention to each patient, regardless of the nature of the dental visit. From young to old, from routine check-ups to specialized treatments.


De tandartstarieven worden bepaald door de Nederlandse Zorgautoriteit. Alle tarieven zijn hier te bekijken. Heeft u hier vragen over? Neem contact met ons op.

Nieuwe patiënten

Bent u op zoek naar een nieuwe tandarts in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid? Wij hebben plek voor nieuwe patiënten. Inschrijven is mogelijk door hier te klikken. U kunt ons ook bellen of langskomen in de praktijk.

Afspraak maken & spoedgeval

Wij zijn tijdens praktijktijden telefonisch bereikbaar via 020 226 9095. Buiten praktijktijden en in het weekend kunt u bellen naar Mondzorg Poli op het telefoonnummer 020 723 48 48 of spoednummer 088 263 2727. 


U kunt bij ons terecht voor (vrijwel) alle tandheelkundige behandelingen. Klik hier voor een overzicht van alle behandelingen die wij aanbieden.

Valerius Tandartsen


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  • woensdag
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  • donderdag
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  • vrijdag
    08:00 - 17:00
  • zaterdag
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Valerius Tandartsen
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Telefoon: 020 226 9095